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    Hemant Mathur Catering

    The Epitome of refined Indian food

A modern dining experience inspired by Indian regional cuisine

Hemant Mathur Catering is Indian hospitality at its best. Our food is an expression of timeless traditions rooted in lesser-known regional cuisines including South Indian, Bengali, Kashmiri and Gujarati. We build upon the fragrant spices, bright herbs and luscious sauces of India's home cookery, translating distinct local dishes for the global palate.

Served in elegant bites, small plates, family-style buffets and pre-plated fine dining, our custom menu brings to life the vision of every client's event. We gladly accommodate a range of venues and styles from intimate celebrations, cocktail parties and staff luncheons to corporate galas, benefit dinners and lavish weddings. At Hemant Mathur Catering, we create exquisite experiences built on elegant flavors and cultural traditions that ensure our meals become part of your lasting memories.


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