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A modern dining experience inspired by Indian regional cuisine

Hemant Mathur Catering is Indian hospitality at its best. Our food is an expression of timeless traditions rooted in lesser-known regional cuisines including South India, Bengal, Kashmir and Gujarat. We build upon the fragrant spices, bright herbs and luscious sauces of India's home cookery, translating distinct local dishes for the global palate.

Served in elegant bites, small plates, family-style buffets and pre-plated fine dining, our custom menu brings to life the vision of every client's event. We gladly accommodate a range of venues and styles from intimate celebrations, cocktail parties and staff luncheons to corporate galas, benefit dinners and lavish weddings. At Hemant Mathur Catering, we create exquisite experiences built on elegant flavors and cultural traditions that ensure our meals become part of your lasting memories.

Our Team

Our team brings decades of professional fine dining and catering expertise to develop spectacular events from beginning to end. Our chefs are inventive in and outside of the kitchen, paying attention to the details, problem-solving on the fly, and helping to build a strong sense of community with each of our diverse clientele

Hemant Mathur

Hemant Mathur

With over 30 years of professional culinary experience, chef Mathur is best known as a tandoor master of traditional clay ovens, hailed the Yo-Yo Ma of tandoori cooking. He is the first Indian chef in the US to earn a Michelin star and retain it across two New York City restaurants, Devi and Tulsi, and is currently the co-owner and executive chef of Saar Indian Bistro in New York City. His long-standing presence in the global fine dining industry has helped lay the groundwork for the current elevation and appreciation of India’s underrepresented regional cuisines from his home state of Jaipur and across India.

Chandramohan Krishnasamy

Chandru Krishnasamy

Trained in the art of pastry and tandoori cooking, chef Chandramohan Krishnasamy’s 30-year career in the restaurant industry began in his home state of Tamil Nadu where he studied baking and confectionery at the Culinary Institute of India. As a young chef, he climbed the ranks of the Taj Group of Hotels and became head of their bakery and confectionary department in Madya Pradesh. Seeking to expand his horizons, chef Chandru set sail as a pastry chef for Celebrity Cruise Lines and landed in Michigan where he became skilled cooking with the tandoor oven under chef Shiva Natarajan’s restaurant group. Over the course of ten years, chef Chandru opened and oversaw the development of seven Indian restaurants across the East Coast. He settled in New York City to lead a commissary kitchen, supplying food to ten restaurants in NYC and catering events. In 2017, three years after meeting chef Mathur, he helped open Saar Catering which is now Hemant Mathur Catering.

Surbhi Sahni

Surbhi Sahni

With two decades of professional culinary experience, chef Surbhi Sahni brings imagination and ingenuity to modern Indian cuisine. She served as the creative force behind three lauded New York City restaurants, Devi, Tulsi and most recently Saar Bistro in Midtown with chef Hemant Mathur. She is also the creative director and events director at Saar Catering, now Hemant Mathur Catering.

Chef Surbhi has made her mark as a talented pastry chef with hand-crafted cakes and confections that preserve the essence of classic South-Asian mithai (sweets) translated into her own distinct flavors and delicate artistry. She recently launched a small-batch South Asian sweets company, TAGMO, that provides job training and professional culinary education to underserved women of color.


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